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Overcoming Critical Incidents 

Overcoming Critical Incidents is a course that covers the shooting that TJ was involved in on December 10, 2020, that left him critically wounded.  He will walk you through the events from that night and how he beat the odds stacked against him, not only in that parking lot, but also on his journey of recovery which allowed him to gain his life back.

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TJ Webb was a Police Officer with the City of Milford (Delaware) Police Department.  He medically retired in December of 2022 after 19 years of service.  He started his career in the patrol division and quickly found himself in an array of special units including SWAT, K9, Narcotics, and a member of the US Marshals Violent Fugitive Task Force. 

On December 10, 2020, TJ was serving an arrest warrant with the Marshals Task Force.  During that warrant attempt the suspect opened fire on TJ and struck him 6 times leaving him with life threatening injuries.  TJ Was able to battle through his recovery and beat the odds that Doctors had stacked against him. 

During his recovery, TJ started the “Fit 4 Duty Foundation”. Fit 4 Duty Foundation is a nonprofit whose mission is to encourage Police Officers to get involved in physical fitness to better their physical and mental health.  He is also the published author of “Just One More”.  He’s a recipient of the American Police Hall of Fame Purple Heart, Fraternal Order of Police Medal of Valor, the United States Marshals Service Purple Heart, and the NAPO TopCop Award.

Since retiring TJ now travels the United States sharing his story of overcoming odds, resiliency and helping officers through his nonprofit.  


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. Testimonials
-“TJ Webb is an inspiration. I am grateful for his service and passion to help his community. I am challenged by his bold positivity in the midst of extreme trials. I am motivated and inspired to keep a positive outlook on things and trying hard amidst difficulties. I truly realize now that your mentality plays a huge role in reaching your goals.

Temple University Gymnastics member

After listening to TJs story, I can say his resilience, determination and positivity are unmatched. TJs story left me feeling grateful for what I do have and for things I am working for, to find my why and do it with purpose. His story and recovery is so inspiring and the positivity and gratitude he emulates is something I hope to be able to match wherever I go in what I do.

Temple Gymnastics member

This type of motivational and inspirational material is truly unique to only a select and special group of human beings such as TJ. By him sharing that experience and information with us, I believe everyone in my agency took away something that may inevitably help them survive a future, potential deadly encounter; or, at minimum, send them on a healthier path in their everyday lives. His words undoubtedly imparted wisdom, resiliency and a never say die attitude

Chief Kevin KesselmanNJIT Police Department